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Do Freeline Skates make a good gift??

Every year, all year, it’s somebody’s damn birthday. And Christmas is Christ’s birthday, but you still better shell out money for a good gift otherwise your kids will never talk to you again.

Freeline skates work two fold as a gift;

1. For being extremely challenging and fun to pursue.

2. Their portability makes it something to keep you or your kids, busy anywhere.

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Who else do Freeline Skates make a good gift for?

Your enemies.

I have seen many men destroy their crotches, breaking into the most beautiful, painful, insta-splits you have ever seen. The kind of sights and sounds that would make you lose sleep. Luckily I lost no sleep watching such things, as I was experiencing them first hand as well.

Nothing gets you ready for life, like Freeline Skating.

It makes the best gift. If you want someone to say to you “This is the best gift ever” and 15 minutes later scream “I hate you!” This is that beautiful device. The best Christmas gift, the best birthday gift. The hottest toy around. So hot it will leave you cool. Your body cool. Because you are dead.

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In the end, what makes a gift special?

What makes something the best gift?

The best gifts would have to be something, unique, memorable, personable. After your first crash on freeline skates, I’m sure that will be¬†memorable, and getting hurt is always personable.